Instructions to setup a vpn connection on windows 7 or Windows Vista

If you would like a pre-configured link to create a pptp VPN please download this pbk file. You can double click on it and it will have all the settings pre-defined. You only need to add your username and password:
Download easy setup


Or follow these easy instructions to manually configure your vpn:

1. Open Control Panel | Network and Sharing Center | Setup a New Connection or Network

2. Select “Connect to a workplace” – Setup a dial-up or VPN… and click Next

3. Select “No, create a new connection” when asked Do you want to use a connection you already have. Then click next

4. Select “Use my Internet Connection (VPN) when asked How do you want to connect?

5. Enter in the following information that was sent to you in the introduction email:

Internet address: (this may be
Destination Name: (or whatever name you want to call the connection)

Then select next.

6. Enter in your username and password you received in your introduction email. Leave the Domain area empty

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