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We are dedicated to helping you with your vpn connection. The main component of our wifi-vpn service is PPTP. Most modern operating systems and mobile devices have a built-in PPTP client. Please look at our setup page for instructions

Support Methods
1. Email [email protected]
2. Text us: (616) 828-0327
3. View our support forums.


Will using a VPN slow my connection speed?

Do you offer any other type of VPN connections SSL or L2TP/IPsec?

How can I cancel my subscription

What are the terms of use for

Do you have corporate accounts or a vpn appliance?

We also offer a single location package. This allows all traffic from a location (hotspot or corporate office) to use a vpn to the internet. If it is a small location we recommend DD-wrt as the client (router) and will help you setup and install. Please contact for more information.

How does the VPN work?

Can I use my account on more than one device / computer?