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We started with a simple idea and tons of support.

 In 2010 a simple gift was given, an iPad. The device was so easy to use and simple that it did just that, it was used. Between my wife and family members using the iPad at various locations it became clear that the data they were accessing needed to be secure. Bank sites and stock trading sites people know to make secure, but what about facebook, your email, and amazon. WiFi-VPN provides a service to make all browsing secure.

We care about the services we provide

We strive to provide the best service and products. Our team is dedicated to support and helping secure your connections.

Excited about security: is the key

Our clients should not have to worry about security, only trust in being able to reliably connect in a secure method with our service.

Guidelines that we follow:

  • The customer is right. Listen to issues and walk people through difficult tasks.
  • Support. Take the time to correctly help our clients.
  • Performance Provide the most reliable and fast VPN connection available.