Secure your PC–How to check if your firewall is on

Often we get emails from our users asking how to check if their firewall is on.  This typically comes after they read an article on how public wifi is not safe.   From our other posts you can also read this information.

Windows Vista and Windows 7 have a pretty good firewall built into the system.  Often people do not know if their firewall is on at all.  Here are a few quick steps to verify that your system is being protected.

Remember that a firewall is only one mechanism for protecting your information.

To verify that your firewall is running on Win 7 or Vista:

  • Do a start | run  OR Start button | search for : wscui.cpl, and then click OK.




  • Once the window opens you  can drop down the SECURITY area by selecting the dropdown firewall4



  • You will now see if your firewall is on or off



The simple process to validate that your machine is protected is a great first step to security.  remember whenever using unsecured or public wifi you should use a VPN.   Sign up today

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