MAC OSX users

To configure a VPN connection on a MAC OSX machine follow these instructions:
1. Open System Preferences
2. Inside Internet & Network select Network

3. Click the small "+" Plus icon below the list of available network devices

4. Select he VPN interface | then enter PPTP for the vpn type and create a service name "" then click Create

5. The vpn configuration area will display enter the following information

  • Configuration: Leave as default
  • Server Address:
  • Account Name: The account sent to you via email
  • Leave encryption at 128 or 40bit

Then click Apply

6. You will now be able to connect

Now that you have created the connection and connected to the VPN. You will see a new icon area on the top of your screen. You will be able to connect and disconnect from the VPN using this icon.

If you have issues once the VPN is created please contact support